Monday, July 7, 2014

Start Spreading the News...

We're leaving today. We want to be a part of it.  New York, New York.

These little town blues are melting away...

That's right.  By the time this blog post shows up in your news feed or Google Reader, Kayla and I will be well on our way to New York City along with my friend, Izckra, and her daughter.  This has been a long anticipated trip and a promised birthday gift (since December!) to one of Kayla's best friends.

And you can bet we'll be cranking Frank Sinatra AND Taylor Swift all the way there.

(Frank Sinatra always makes me think of my high school boyfriend's father who was (in)famous for lip-synching this song at wedding receptions and parties, etc. ~ complete with dollar bills being tucked into his suit by admiring women. Ha!) 

(And hello, Traci, if you're reading! ;-)  You are a good daughter.)

AS much as I dread the literal six months of winter that New England promises every year, one thing I love about living in this part of the country is that Boston and New York are just a stone's throw away.  So is the beach.  So are the mountains. In fact, if you drive 2 hours in any direction, you are in a whole new culture and landscape.  I love that.

People who live here, though, don't necessarily ever drive 2 hours from where they live.  Boston?  That's 80 miles east!  Why would you want to drive all that way and find yourself in a busy city?  New York City?  That's 3 hours.  You must be crazy.

Yes, I must be, because I love it.  In fact, as I write this I'm lamenting all the places I haven't yet been after living in New England for 15 years now. (July 15 is our 15 year anniversary of moving here!)

But I'm from Texas, and you could drive for six or eight hours in some places there and never see another car or house or human.  I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'm used to at least a two hour trip to get to the next town or major city.  Growing up, going to the beach was about a five hour trip.  In fact, occasionally, we made that trip in my grandpa's little Cessna airplane. (I was much braver then) Anyway, the reality of living this close to Boston and New York is very exciting to this perpetual tourist.

And Boston is my favorite of the two, but I think I've mentioned that before.

 Our NYC itinerary is all typed up and printed out and includes the following:

Getting up EARLY!
Riding the train from Greenwich, CT to Grand Central Station
Shopping on 5th Avenue (Ummmm... window shopping mostly.)
Picnic lunch in Central Park
Argo Tea Cafe at Columbus Circle
Times Square and Rockefeller Center wandering
Subway to Union Station
Lush (gotta get more of our favorite dessert....I mean, face mask!)
Soho Shopping (more windows...)
Pearl River Market
Babycakes (gluten free, vegan bakery!  wonder if there's anything paleo?)
Dinner at Risotteria (huge gluten free breadsticks, pizza, sandwiches, desserts) ~ and hopefully with old friends from elementary school!
Back to Grand Central and Greenwich and HOME!

All in one day!  I love it.

See ya soon with a pictorial update.

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