Saturday, June 14, 2014

Conversations With The Pastor

The sun came out for a few hours today, but it was only 70 degrees.  I have had a very strong desire (really, I can't overemphasize how strong the desire is) to get in the car and just drive until I arrive in a place that is warm and sunny. I can't remember the last time the sun was shining here for any length of time. And forgive me for my lofty expectations, but it's JUNE. I heard it came out while we were away in Baltimore, but I have not seen it with my own eyes, or felt it on my own skin in a LONG time here in Massachusetts. I know it's not technically summer yet, but come on.

I've really been trying not to complain about it (too much), but today I had to hang out at a Starbucks in Connecticut while Cooper and a friend were attending a graduation party.  They had the air-conditioning cranked, so I made it through one chapter of Romans, shivering the whole time, and headed outside, since the sun had come out.  The outdoor table was in the shade, so it wasn't much better at all.  I ended up back in my van with the windows rolled up and the sunlight streaming through the windows creating warmth inside ~ finally!

Tonight we decided to grill out for dinner ~ have to seize every opportunity to do that in these parts. This is the conversation that ensued, which is fairly typical around here.

Me: (putting a hoodie on to eat our grilled-out burgers on the backyard picnic table) The sun FINALLY came out today, but it was ONLY 70 degrees.  And it's June.  June 14.  That's MID-JUNE.

Robert: (slight haughty tone) You know...I'm just glad for my salvation.  Thankful for the Cross.

Me: Well, I think it should be justification AND warmification ~ to at least 80 degrees.

When he went in the house for a second round of food, he came back out wearing his L.L. Bean orange down jacket.

Very funny.

The L.L. Bean Jacket.  Worn in late-November to cut down a Christmas tree.
In my opinion, it ought to be put away for good no later than April 1st.

If I have anything in common with King David, it is this.

Now King David was old, advanced in age; and they covered him with clothes, 
but he could not keep warm.
 I Kings 1:1

Though I'm hoping the remedy for my perpetual coldness will be a home near the equator at some point. Or heaven, of course, where I'm certain it is a constant 85 degrees, because that is the PERFECT temp if you ask me.

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Anonymous said...

Mel, if you come with us to Uganda you will find it is by the equator! Love, K&J