Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Maine Thing

Tomorrow we head to Maine for a little bit of the above picture life, and I can't wait!  We'll be camping in Acadia National Park for three nights and then staying near the beach in Ogunquit for three nights.  This trip has become the highlight of our summer.  Really, it's the highlight of our whole year.  And this year it feels especially sacred, as just nine days after we return, we'll be taking Kory 2000 miles away for college.  I'm praying for lots of great laughs, talks, meals, hikes, bike trips, and swims as a family before he leaves the nest ~ and good weather, too!

While we are away, we've rented our home to a family from Sweden who is bringing their daughter nearly 4000 miles away to college at UMass. (And people think we're crazy for letting Kory go to Texas!) I've had wonderful correspondence with them, and deeply regret that we will not meet them while they are here.  We leave a few hours before they arrive.  It certainly adds a lot of work into the equation of packing for a camping/beach trip to prepare your house bed-and-breakfast style for international guests, but I've really enjoyed thinking through things that would make their stay comfortable, and the house is now in tip top shape!

I also had a lot of fun this week (small reprieve in the midst of chaos!?) thinking about what meals we will make over the campfire, and have already pre-made some of the essential components and frozen them to add to the cooler on our trip north.  When we get back, I'll try to post photos and recipes, but for now think bubbly, garlicky cheese dips for appetizers, marinated teriyaki chicken for kebobs, and marshmallows, chocolate chips, cream cheese, and fruit to dip for dessert.  Yum!

If you've never been to Maine, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list.  Truly an amazingly beautiful place!  See ya in a week or so!
P.S.  Our college-bound kid is determined to eat lobster for the first time on this trip!  I'm thinking we will indulge him in this small fantasy!

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