Monday, April 15, 2013

Decisions, Intercessions, Accusations

I'm so relieved, but now I'm having trouble sleeping!  Last night I kept having crazy college dreams and obsessive thoughts about the logistics of getting Kory to Texas for all of the necessary college activities this summer now that he knows where he will attend. {Lord willing, of course...}

Kory was in complete agony all last week trying to make a wise decision about what college to attend.  I think I only made it worse for him by sending him to Texas over the Easter weekend and through the next week to visit two of the schools he had been accepted to, but had never visited.  My sister, Melinda, graciously and generously offered to register him for official visits and them take him to the two schools ~ one of which is her alma mater ~ Abilene Christian University. {She also made VERY late and VERY early drives to the Austin airport to transport him.  Thank you, sis!}

He was treated like a KING at ACU!  Reserved parking spot with his name on it, personal tours, free t-shirts, amazing gluten free foods in the dining hall {he texted me a photo of his GF hot dog, hamburger and cupcake!}, lots of personal attention, and the added perk of many personal connections because of Melinda's friendships with the faculty and staff there.  He came away loving it.  He also found out that the son of dear friends of ours in Texas ~ actually Robert's best friend and college roommate ~ was planning to attend ACU and that made the draw to ACU even stronger.

He was really leaning toward ACU and had even switched his Baylor key chain to an ACU one.  He told several people that's where he would most likely attend.  I was ready to put down his deposit and register him for orientation so that we could get our summer schedule finalized!

To say that I've been on my knees in prayer constantly about this would only be a slight exaggeration. And then in my interceding for Kory, the Lord seemed to not only be reassuring me that He was going to provide for Kory's education, but that the best place for him would be Baylor.  Robert seemed to be getting the same message.  We checked in with Kory every day, and he would respond with an agonizing "I don't know."  At the end of the week I asked him if it would help him if we told him what school we thought was the best choice, and his response was "No." Ha!  I kept praying and praying that the Lord would confirm it to ALL of us.  {Cooper and Kayla have always been certain of Baylor!}  You should see my journal.  The persistent widow was, and am I about this whole college thing!  Every page has pleadings for clear discernment and abundant financial provision.

Then on Saturday morning, he was up early and began talking with Robert at the kitchen table.  As they talked about pros and cons, Robert suggested that Baylor was the best choice for majoring in business.  It actually has the same accreditation as ACU, but is still valued more highly in the business world.  Baylor also has at least a couple of perks for pastor's kids in the way of yearly scholarships. Kory agreed and decided on Baylor ~ which had always been his top choice until his mother sent him to Texas to experience two more schools! Now that we've put down the deposit, and it's official, I keep asking him if he's happy.  He assures me that he is.  "Any regrets?" I inquire.  Nope.  He's just excited now.  And glad the decision making process is over!

And this is a bit unrelated {or maybe not?} but many intercessions have been made on behalf of Kayla this morning.  I wondered why she was in such a quiet funk this morning.  As she came to tell me goodbye ~ off to do schoolwork with her Daddy at their favorite coffee shop ~ she told me that she had a bad dream last night ~ really bad.  God, Jesus, Mom, and Dad were all standing before her and telling her that she was ugly and worthless and reminding her of "all the bad things she's ever done."  Satan is so low.  Accusing a little girl and filling her heart and mind with his lies.  We've taught her how to stand firm in Jesus and throw off the lies of the enemy many times, but it still affects her, of course.  As she cried, I prayed for her protection and for strength in Jesus to believe the truth that He loves her and has chosen her to be His daughter ~ thinking her lovely and beautiful in Christ. I told her that the enemy hates it when she fills communion cups at church and helps take care of babies in the nursery so that others can worship.  He despises it when she reads her Bible and prays.  He also hates it when Daddy teaches and proclaims the truth, and he may just be taking all of that out on her.  He is such a coward and a liar who lives to accuse those who trust in Jesus ~ even my little girl ~ who you can bet I will continue to be praying for.

Sigh.  Parenting requires full engagement and yet complete dependence on the Lord for all things.  I really had no idea when I started this journey.  Asking that He continue to strengthen and sustain us in the battle. incredibly thankful that my son will be at such a wonderful school.  So amazed at how the Lord has already provided for the financial obligations required this week.  Continuing to trust Him for the rest of this new adventure.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your decision, Kory! Blessings and blue skies, K&J

sweetly broken said...

Melanie, so much good fruit coming from your "stretching" as a parent. I can relate to much of what you posted. Just to encourage you, a few months ago I too was crying out to God about financial provision for college for our was as if God was telling me to pray about it. Now my oldest is only 14, but still...I know we don't have those resources! Within a month or so, my mother called to let me know an unsaved aunt, is planning on leaving each of my girls enough money to pay for at least one year of college! I was amazed. God is definitely able to do above and beyond all we can ask or think. I'm going to pray right now for that provision for you!

sweetly broken said...

Also, thinking of you and wondering if you had any friends involved in the Marathon. Hope all is well.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. Always so good to hear other stories of His abundant provision.

We almost always go in to Boston to watch the marathon ~ and just about 2 blocks from where the bombing occurred. This year we felt too busy to even consider it the closer it got. So saddened by what happened there, but so thankful I didn't have my family lined up on the sidewalk watching this year!

sweetly broken said...

So thankful you and yours are safe...we simply never know what each day holds, yet God is ever caring for us.