Thursday, March 7, 2013

Classical Confessions {Lent Day #23}

Cooper and Cameron on debate day!
I'm getting ready for a Classical Conversations information meeting tonight.  At 7pm my house will be full of parents who are looking into both homeschooling and the Classical method.  My friend Sarah, who is our local director, will talk about the early years in the program, and I will talk a bit about the Challenge program which is for middle and high school students.  It has been such a gift for us to be a part of this program and community.
Rachel cross-examines Anna on the issue of legalizing euthanasia.
 All three of my kiddos have now been through parts of the Challenge Program, and I really do thank the Lord for this opportunity for them and for me.  This is my second time to tutor the Challenge 1 level.  Cooper is in my class along with 12 other teens, and he really enjoys having peers to meet with, learn with, and hang out with on Tuesdays. So thankful for both the joy and the challenging curriculum that Tuesdays provide.
Noah presents his case regarding euthanasia.  
The entire Challenge 1 class on debate day last semester.  This semester the debate topics are gun control and childhood vaccinations.
Elizabeth presents her Shakespeare Project ~ Fashions of the 17th Century.
 The "seminars" I teach every Tuesday this semester are Latin, Algebra, Physical Science, American Literature, American Government, Philosophy, and Debate.  Last semester Economics and Drama were taught rather than Government and Philosophy.  It is quite a workload for me to prepare for this, but probably more so for the students.  They end each day with a long list of assignments to complete before the next Tuesday.  It's almost as much training in time management and discipline as it is academics!
Cooper presents his economics project called "A Look into the Future."  Each student had to create a future life, complete with career, housing, and taxes and then report on their monthly budget via pie graph.
Cooper and Jesse having a little fun with the game Taboo.
Cameron and Cooper compete to match Latin and English vocabulary flashcards.
 Being in a small group of peers allows for great group discussions and oral presentations and team policy debate ~ all of which seem so important to be a part of during the high school years.  Again, I am really thankful the Lord has provided this unique opportunity to homeschool and yet be a part of a community of peers once a week.
90 Toilet paper squares to model a "to scale" solar system.  The different shaped balls were planets ~ Mercury at square 3 or so, Uranus at square 90.
Science experiments are also more fun in a group ~ especially when balloons, bowling balls, vinegar, and baking soda are involved!

Kayla is in the Challenge A level which is the equivalent of 7th grade.  Her seminars are Math, Latin, Literature and Composition, Science, Apologetics, and Geography.  Here she is with the girls from her class ~ and our director, Sarah, on crazy hat day Tuesday.

For several years I would search for local Classical Conversations communities only to find that the nearest one was in Pennsylvania!  Meanwhile, my Texas and Oklahoma friends were raving about how wonderful the program was for their kids.  I'm thankful that in the last 4 years, several CC communities have started in New England ~ and seemingly just in time for my kids entering the upper grades.

Thank you, Lord, for Your generous provision in this wonderful and challenging community of learning and homeschooling!


sweetly broken said...

Sigh...Yep...this would be one of those "challenging" things about living in co-operative learning outlet for homeschoolers. But God meets us exactly when we need it, doesn't he? I'm encouraged to hear that God provided this CC group just as your kiddos were entering the important high school years. I know he will provide for us too, however he chooses!

Melanie said...

What? No homeschool conventions in the Bahamas? :) Yes...that would be a challenge. I didn't think about that! But yes, He does meet us and provide for every need. Always good to hear from you!