Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wonderful Weariness {Lent Day #11}

"Hardship after hardship is with me..." is what Job said in the aftermath of losing just about everything he had from his property, to this servants, to his livestock, to his health, and to his very own sons and daughters.  Now, that's true hardship.  And it was one after the other after the other.  What else could he have said?

I have never even been close to that kind of hardship, but there are some folks around me and dear to me who are very close to that sort of hardship right now. My so-called "hardships" of a life in constant motion are nothing in comparison, and still "I'm worn" as the song says, "life just won't let up." 

But Lord, I confess that my expectations are way off and so are my desires.  You've given me so much. You've filled every part of my life with abundance and blessing and joy and health, but it's never enough, and my complaints come far too easy.  Forgive my grumbling and complaints.  Forgive the attitude that my life should be...ought to be...any day will be....easier, better.  It's unrealistic and ungrateful. And my life is so good.  I know that's your grace.

Today, I am at a women's retreat ~ as the guest speaker ~ for four main sessions. I'm speaking on the "turns" of life {see 1 Kings 12:15} and the sanctification process.  I'm exhorting women to not only face their "turns," but embrace them as directly from the Lord and for the distinct purpose of making them more like Him, giving them hope and joy in Him, though the turns often feel like hardships.  This is a humbling privilege.

And though I'm feeling worn as I write, feeling it "before the day even begins," from the pace of a rich and full life, I'm trusting the Lord to strengthen me to embrace life's "turns" and be used by Him in the process.  Pray for me today of you think of it ~ and for all of the women in attendance to be built up in their faith.

Yes, I'm worn, but it's the wonderful kind of worn.

P.S.  Thanks, sis, for telling me about this song and for wanting rest for me.  Praying for you to embrace the turns that are coming, so that you can then look back and see His beautiful plan for you.

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