Monday, February 25, 2013

Morose Mood = M&M's {Lent Day #13}

I really wish I could come up with something better, more mature, and deeply spiritual to post for my daily Lenten confession endeavor, but this is all I've got today.  It's not your typical Lenten practice.  In fact it's actually the opposite of the fasting and self examination traditionally observed, but it's what I resorted to today ~ eating a third of a bag of leftover Valentine M & M's purchased for Latin drill rewards for my Challenge 1 students.  I'm  hoping they will soothe my sullenness. It was like I was eating popcorn and not candy, and I really even prefer popcorn to candy, but not today.

Lord, I confess I am weak. I want to be loved and served and considered.  I want friendship and fellowship. I don't want to identify with You in the laying down of my life.  I would rather love my life than hate it.  I don't want to take up my Cross.  I don't want to deny myself {hence the M&M's}. I don't know how to pray or to listen or focus on Your Word today, and I've even tried to do those things.  I'm selfish and I'm sad...and I'm sorry.  You are so good and worthy of any sacrifice, but today I'm steamrolled and weary and wanting only what I want.  Thank you for your love and forgiveness in spite of this.  May I delight in each part of knowing and walking with you.  Thank you for the Cross and the coming celebration of your death and resurrection.

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