Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Counting One Thousand Gifts ~ September {And a Senior Son?!}

 Well, here he is with his current set of toys and tools ~ a senior in high school! My heart has been on a bit of a roller coaster lately because of this kid!  Some days I'm super excited for Kory to finish up his homeschool education and spread his wings in the world of college with all of the experiences it will bring, and on other days I grieve the shortness of the coming months and long for more time to be with him.  Yes ~ more time with him even after having him home with me all day almost every single day for the last 17 years!  
And here he was 12 years ago on his first day of homeschool kindergarten with the toys and tools of those days. {I'm threatening a current photo with all of these same items, because, yes, they all still reside in his room!}  I remember that day like it was yesterday with its special breakfast, new pencils and crayons, a blow up globe, and a freshly laminated 100 number chart.  I remember Saxon Phonics and reading the word "log" after a week of "L" and then a week of short vowel "O" and then a week of  "G".  Teaching my kids to read and opening up the world of books and learning to them is one of the greatest highlights and blessings of my life.  Kory himself is one of the greatest highlights and blessings of my life.
Cute Camo Kindergartner on the left, and a very mature First Grader on the right. ☺
The other thing I remember so clearly was Kory receiving a huge bouquet of colorful helium balloons with this note attached from my dear friend Tamyra and her family in Oklahoma.  {I can NOT find the balloon photo, though!!!} She had also started homeschooling her oldest daughter around that same day.  This gift to Kory was such a boost of encouragement to ME, as I was not sensing that our families necessarily approved of the decision to homeschool, and we had recently moved 2000 miles away from all friends and support systems.  I was super excited to start homeschooling, but a bit "deflated" by circumstances, and so in true Tamyra form she brightened our first day of school with a super special delivery.  An unforgettable gift, really. 
And now with tears of gratitude rolling down my cheeks, I give you September's list of grace gifts....

For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.
John 1:16

1. Being outside {of summer}
2. Trips to Maine {of summer}
3. Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt outings {of summer}
4. Watermelon slices {cut}
5. Steak dinner in Maine {cut}
6. Taco Salad {cut}
7. Sunflowers in the fields {yellow}
8. Bananas on my yogurt and granola {yellow}
9. Lemons in my sparkling water {yellow}
10. Iced Coffee {cool}
11. Dominoes gluten free pizza {warm}
12. Beach days in New England {sun-soaked}
13. Mums re-blooming {autumn}
14. Cool morning runs {autumn}
15. Excitement of new students/visitors at church {autumn}
16. Spiritual understanding {growing}
17. Ability to surrender {growing}
18. Love for Christ {growing}
19. Time {given}
20. A pizza {given}
21. A meal home-cooked {given}
22. Fall table runner from Rachel's mom {made}
23. Donors to Pastor's retreat {masked}
24. Abundant generosity at retreat {marveled}
25. Amish paintings {framed}
26. My life by the gospel {framed}
27. Kids' art work {framed}
28. Me ~ always ~ in this full life {moving}
29. Kayla sprinting on the track with Robert {moving}
30. Our church into small group studies this week {moving}
31. 9/11 deaths for His glory {hard eucharisteo}
32. A full calendar {hard eucharisteo}
33. Criticism and opposition {hard eucharisteo}
34. "Your statutes are my songs...of my pilgrimage." Ps.119:54 {in His Word}
35. "Even the princes sit and talk about me; your servant meditates on your statutes" Ps. 119:23 {in His Word}
36. "I shall run the way of Your commandments, for You will enlarge my heart." Ps. 119:32
37. Coffee brewing {scented}
38. A handwritten note {scrawled}
39. 5 Aspects of Woman group ~ again! {started}
40. Kayla's family drawings {drawn}
41. Kory's 6yr old 9/11 drawing {drawn}
42. Tears in conversation and real heart issues {drawn}
43. Robert and me {paired}
44. New running shoes {paired}
45. Bothers and sisters in my Challenge class {paired}
46. Church {shared}
47. Chili Cook-Off lunch {shared}
48. Iced Coffee in the sun with Robert {shared}
49. Relationship with kids at times {ugly-beautiful}
50. Teenagers {ugly-beautiful}
51. Chaotic pace {ugly-beautiful}
52. Kory's van scrape {fixed}
53. All of the laundry! {folded}
54. Kayla {freckled}
55. Meaningful conversation with a child {conversation}
56. Revealed prayer requests {conversation}
57. Renewed joy and real friendship {conversation}
58. Freedom from sin {in salvation}
59. Joy {in salvation}
60. His daughter and a co-heir with Christ {in salvation}
61. Catching up with Karla {information}
62. Catching up with Rebecca {information}
63. A grown homeschooler's perspective ~ Hannah {information}
64. Psalm 119:54 in my heart and head {rattling}
65. Anger and bitterness {receding}
66. A crazy cluttered closet {reclaiming}
67. Hotel room to myself {quiet}
68. 3 hr drive all alone {quiet}
69. 1 hr designated prayer time {quiet}
70. Facebook comics {funny}
71. Time Hawkins {funny}
72. Anita Renfroe {funny}
73. Salvation on the cross {finished}
74. Long day of teaching {finished}
75. Book of 1Kings {finished}
76. Kayla in dance and acrobatics {flourishing}
77. My heart and mind in God's Word {flourishing}
78. Fall perennials in flower bed {flourishing}
79. Babycakes NYC cupcake! Thanks, Rebecca! {unexpected}
80. Emotions {uneven}
81. Biblical womanhood and femininity {unpopular}
82. Coffee conversations {shy}
83. Gift Giving {shy}
84. Revealing thoughts and heart {shy}
85. New spice racks {shelved}
86. Books all-around {shelved}
87. Remodeled bathroom closet {shelved}
88. Sun on fall leave {shining}
89. Faces and hearts of Challenge students {shining}
90. Kitchen sink! {shining}

Grace upon grace upon grace upon grace...

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May blessing after blessing be yours, dear Mel...Love from K&J