Friday, August 24, 2012

Gluten Free Friday ~ MariGold Bars!

My friend, Mari...{Well, she's really only my Facebook friend, and the cousin of my dear friend and middle school Spanish teacher, Kelly/Miss Riggs...but those things and the fact that she's from Texas, and makes gluten free treats, make me love her and know that she is a kindred spirit. ☺} Anyway, Mari is a fitness and weight loss specialist who has had great success in helping people turn their health around in significant ways.  In recent years, Mari's clients began asking her to recommend a healthy protein bar.  After doing some research, and finding the protein bars currently on the market lacking in all-whole and healthy ingredients, she decided to try her hand at making one.

Well, they were an instant success, and those who tried them requested more...and more...and more. What started with the original "Chocolate Praline Bar" has now turned into seven flavors and even more demand!

Problem is, even with their dedicated kitchen, the FDA requires a uniform size with less than a 4% variation, and that requires special cutting and indexing equipment, which is expensive.

This is where WE come in!  These bars are 100% gluten free.  In fact they are free of most of the major allergens.  Mari uses all organic and "whole" ingredients like coconut oil, raw agave, organic dark chocolate, and cold-pressed whey from grass-fed cows.

As people desiring quality gluten free products, and for those of us also interested in health and fitness, I thought you would like an opportunity to help Mari with the equipment needed to produce these bars more easily and to a wider market.

Watch this video to hear the story from Mari herself ~ and her husband Steve. {And notice how fun and cute they are, too!  They ARE from Texas...☺}

I hope you will consider being a "backer" of this  business with a one-time donation toward the needed equipment.  Every dollar counts, and with a donation of just $25, you'll receive an assortment of MariGold bars for yourself!

I thoroughly enjoyed becoming a donor yesterday, and even in a very small way, helping them reach their goal of $9,800.  Also, I can hardly wait to get my MariGold bars in the mail!  {Too bad they won't be in time for my triathlon tomorrow!}

Here's the site that makes it a breeze to help Mari and Steve keep producing this high-quality and delicious product:

Kickstarter ~ MariGold Bars

I hope you'll click on over and help them reach their goal! {And help a small business!}

And if you're interested, here's Mari's website for her weight loss method!  Good stuff!

Have a great weekend, and if you think of me tomorrow morning, pray for the strength and endurance to swim a mile, bike 25, and run six!  I'm excited, but so nervous!

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Anonymous said...

The bars are really yummy, Mel! Jack has been sampling them throughout the week. I have, too. What a treat when they arrived in the mail! We've prayed for your endurance today and now wish you rest. Love, K&J