Friday, May 4, 2012

Recipe For My Weekend: Daddy's Girl Retreat!

Abby and Yarisa enjoying the summer sun!
Been looking forward to this for  a while now ~ hanging out with all of these lovely ladies and the young girls for whom they pour out their lives on a weekly basis.
Ita leading worship.
 This year the retreat they've planned is called "Daddy's Girl", and we will be talking about fatherhood in its created, fallen, and redeemed states.  Some have lost fathers, some have never met their father, some come from broken homes, and ALL of us need to have a godly perspective on fatherhood, especially since what God intended for us as daughter's under a father's care hardly ever plays out according to plan in this fallen world.

Pretty sure Katlynne is peppering Robert with questions about the Doctrine of Salvation...

First, we'll see God demonstrate perfect fatherhood to Adam and Eve and to all of His children and look at the qualities of Created Fatherhood: Leader, Protector, Nurturer, Provider, Defender/Advocate, Teacher/Disciplinarian

Next, we'll look at what happened to fathers and families after sin entered the world.  We'll read the story of Tamar in 2 Samuel, and observe how she was failed by all of the men in her life when she needed them most. Fallen Fatherhood at its worst.

And lastly, we'll look at Jesus' interaction with woman caught in adultery.  It's a beautiful return to the kind of nurturing, protecting, and defending that our heavenly Father intended for earthly fatherhood, but it's only possible through the redemption and restoration of Jesus Himself.
The whole crew ~ they are a testimony and blessing to me!
 And yes, we'll talk about mother's too, but our main focus will be on God's love and desire to be a perfect father to us through the Cross.  (Father's are especially important in the lives of girls ~ you can check the statistics for yourself!) Jesus, the son, was the only one to ever experience the rejection of the Father, so that we would never have to. His payment for sin and victory over death make forgiveness and restoration possible.

Please pray that these teen-aged girls will come to know and experience the only Father who will ever be able to love and provide for them perfectly through the sacrifice of His son!  Please pray for Him to speak these truths well and that I would rely on the Spirit for words of comfort and truth.  Please pray that the Lord will be glorified and that hearts will be turned to Him!


Rachel said...

What a blessing!

Melanie said...

Thank you, Rachel. It was a blessing! (definitely to me ~ and hopefully to them, too!) Love you.