Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baller, Nike Poster Boy, Clotheshorse (a.k.a. Cooper)

 Well, it's a week later, but I had to wait for all of his birthday presents to arrive in order to post properly about Coop's 15th birthday.  The FedEx man is making a daily stop at our house this week to drop off box after box from
 He requested the same gift as lat  All he wanted was shopping money and a trip to the mall. (Who can blame him?) So, after a breakfast of coffee cake and BACON (his one food request), we sent him on a scavenger hunt.  He found green stuff at every location.  Money was anticipated to arrive in the mailbox later that day, thanks to the faithful tradition of Grammy and Paw-Paw, and arrive it did ~ right after lunch at Cooper's favorite Chinese food restaurant and just in time for our trek to the "big" mall.
 He also received money from Aunts and Uncles and was rolling in it by evening time!  We picked up Coop's good friend, Dustin, and headed to the mall.
 I've received quite an education in all-things-basketball over the last year, namely the strict rule about not being able to wear the same shoes on the outdoor court as you do on the indoor court.  I'm not really sure how this justifies THREE pair of shoes, but at least now Coop won't ever go to jail for breaking this cardinal law. Fortunately, my running shoes perform well anywhere, because I certainly can't afford THREE pair.
He's still expecting one more package tomorrow, and then the spree will officially be over. (And I'm pretty sure he will not have one penny to his name!)  Dustin contributed the "Sick" shirt to Coop's extensive wardrobe, and I have to tell you that it's pretty accurate!  Coop is quite talented on the court.  Just see for yourself...

Hardly a day passes that Coop does not find some way to play.  There are two outdoor courts within walking/biking distance, and even if Dustin can't join him, he plays by himself or with whoever happens to be at the court.  Yesterday, he played three rounds of HORSE with a college student and beat him all three times! (If it rains or snows, he's inside doing drills from a training book.  The kid is DEDICATED.)

His greatest challenge, though, remains to be an elite 73 year old named ....Grandad!
 Grandad would not let us leave Texas until he had played his championship game with Cooper....
...and I don't think Coop gave the man any slack.
Can't believe he's 15!  And he's an amazing kid, whom I've loved watching grow up.  He's come so far in ALL of his abilities ~ not just his mad ball skillz, but also in taking responsibility, working hard at school, chores, and pursuing spiritual growth and the answers to his questions there.  Really looking forward to all that the Lord has in store for this one!

Happy 15th Birthday, Cooper!  We love you and are so glad you're ours!


ebee333 said...

He's got great taste! Cool shoes and socks! I've been a blog reader for many years. It has been so cool to watch your kids "grow up"!

TCC said...

The 'sick' message is cute (then, again, I have a soft spot for homeschooled ballers).