Monday, March 19, 2012

Springtime In Her Spirit

 We've only been home for 4 days, and there are still suitcases and Rubbermaid containers exploding throughout the house, (it's mostly MY stuff) but my little gardener, and lover of all things spring, has found the time and resources to start her seeds for the season, and label them with a very cute flair, I must say.
 This was accomplished mainly by mentioning, way back in Texas, her desire to plant a garden this year.  (We skipped last year.)  Then, it was brought up on the drive home a few times.  And then, on Sunday, while out taking Kory to baseball practice in the afternoon, asking to go and buy seeds.  The girl is tenacious about such desires of her heart.  (She still hasn't gotten the puppy that gets mentioned at least every day, and miraculously appears as a line item on all of my grocery lists, though.)  She talked her daddy into helping her plant them immediately, and he even rigged up a lighting system in our basement for her. (That's love!)
 Well, after the seeds were planted, she began to talk about getting chickens.  I mean, it's really not spring around here anymore unless baby chicks are involved.  So, Kory found the still packed printer, located all necessary cords, hooked it all up for us, and we printed out the order form from the local farm supple website.  After researching ALL of the listed varieties, she chose 8 that we've never really had before ~ 2 of each variety.  Graciously, she allowed me to choose the final two.  (We decided 10 was a good number for this year.) I have to say that the cuteness of the baby chicks (pics of chicks and adult stage were shown), their cold hardiness, and egg production were our priorities ~ in that order.
Later, this was heard in my kitchen:

"Ok, so I will help take care of them while they're chicks, and you guys can take over when they are all grown up."

I'm pretty sure the same thing goes for weeding the soon-to-be-adult plants in the future garden.

There will most likely be some negotiations going on around here regarding these springtime chores, but her giddy, eager, spring spirit is pretty hard to resist.  It was all cartwheels, handstands, and back bend-walkovers in the sunny yard today ~ delighting in all that is to come!

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