Thursday, March 1, 2012

Counting One Thousand Gifts ~ February

It was in Stillwater, OK, while working on one of my first Beth Moore Bible studies, that I first came across this verse from 2 Corinthians 1:20:

"For no matter how many promises God has made, they are 'Yes' in Christ."

Or in my re-wording and mulling over:

Christ is the fulfillment of every single promise that God has ever made.

Jesus is the means and the end of all promises made by God.

Not finding hope, peace, forgiveness, freedom, joy, security, worth, provision?  
Well, then I'm overlooking Jesus, because He is the ultimate fulfillment of every one of these promises.

And then I think of this verse that I memorized last year:

"And all these having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised, because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us, they would not be made perfect."  
Hebrews 11:39-40

Those who lived and died before Jesus came did not receive what was promised, this Person who was the fulfillment of all promises, and yet some still walked by faith, trusting in this promised promise for all of their days.
 (You can read about some of them in Hebrews 11.)

I, on the other hand, HAVE received the Promise who is the "Yes" to all divine promises, and yet I still choose to doubt and complain and despair on some days.

One time someone dear to me walked away from a belief in God, because He did not do something for her that she thought He ought to have.  She said she believed God would and should "wow" her by coming through on one specific and anticipated opportunity, but He didn't, and so she concluded that He must not be good.

I couldn't help but think that God didn't have anything more to "wow" her with than Jesus, and what He had accomplished at the Cross on her behalf. How much more good could He possibly do?  (And then I reminded myself of the same!)

Yep, Jesus is the "Yes" to all promises, and God intended us to be "wowed", blown away, astonished, amazed, and forever fulfilled by this ultimate gift of mercy and grace ~ come what may.

And even when we choose to overlook this truth, He still gives more gifts...

1. the smell and feel of clean sheets
2. new, delicious smoothie recipes
3. joyful anticipation of a husband's return home
4. "The fruit is because of your good example."
5. "How can we teach the correct value of femininity to our daughters?"
6. "You are beautiful."
7. "...the kind intention of His will..."
8. "...sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit..."
9. "...raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him..."
10. a praying couple in a restaurant
11. over-sized tea mugs
12. gluten free sandwich bread at unsuspecting restaurants
13. homemade quilted lunch bags
14. the Cross
15. a knitted cowl from Sara E.
16. entertainment by toddlers
17. good conversation
18. scenic drives
19. a crisp apple at lunchtime
20. new, red Fossil purse
21. pretty platform pumps
22. coffee with a Titus 2 saint
23. Kory's going away dinner; Robert's words of exhortation
24. Toll House Pie and vanilla ice cream
25. setting half-marathon PRs
26. tea-steeping "flowers"
27. calmness, but excitement over Kory's trip
28. siblings making chicken salad together in the kitchen
29. waving, smiling CC friends at Sonic
30. laundry done, fresh clean clothes
31. health for an active life
32. opportunities to worship
33. the life of Melissa Cheliras
34. relational detours that grow faith
35. parenting challenges that do the same
36. a new and worshiping congregation
37. a Colt McCoy video at church
38. sickness that compels compassion
39. the love of Robert
40. the Word ~ His love letter
41. a life overflowing with incredible people
42. roasted, salted almonds and iced coffee at Starbucks
43. Jack's humor at dinner
44. white lights around the patio for a cookout with friends ~ Grandad and the Grafs!
45. Jackie and Jonathan's ministry and life testimonies
46. "Mom, you are such a pro wrapper-of-Saran!"
47. pretty, printed craft papers
48. homemade Valentine's
49. knowing my place
50. a morning spent with a friend ~ Yvette!
51.  Truth and fellowship at the crack of dawn
52. parking lot talks and prayer
53. Ugandans at rodeos
54. new friends
55. joy in setting self aside
56. half-marathon race bibs
57. gluten free menus
58. running magazines
59. provision for Disney World
60. refinance complete
61. bathroom remodel underway
62. Taco Express and corn tortillas
63. healthy meal plans
64. fajitas with friends
65. popcorn!
66. half and half in iced coffee
67. whipped cream on frappes after gymnastics
68.  gift of a food and wine guide and journal
69. patio furniture
70. summer weather in February ~ 80 degrees!
71. John Adams mini-series
72. memory master work with Kayla
73. visitors from home ~ Jes-c and Jimmy!
74. lettuce wraps for dinner
75. watching Kayla's know-how in the kitchen
76. playing tour guide
77. the Gutenburg Bible
78. new bracelets ~ I love bracelets!
79. Skype session of Quest reports
80. pride in a 16 year old who lets God work on his pride
81. laughter and games at family reunions
82. a sermon on Acts 16 ~ a woman, a slave, and a Gentile whom God used
83. grandmas carrying sleeping toddlers
84. burgers with family and friends
85. worlds colliding in the Body of Christ (=Jules @ The Fellowship)
86. a son becoming a man
87. the refuge of His Word
88. circumstances that prod trust and a casting of cares
89. raindrops on my face while running ~ sweet surrender
90. a small town steak nite with live music
91. watching my teens shop with Grandad

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