Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stature, Strength, Steadfastness, Service

She said he was growing in wisdom and stature, and I knew that, but to hear it from another observer was encouraging.  Moms love, but they see everything, and can even lean anxious and be blind to what is good, what is growth.
"Bring your clothes down, and I will wash them for packing," I shout up the stairs.
"I did it yesterday, mom.  I'm already packed." He replies.

And then I go through the checklist to find out what he's missing.  Nothing but a pair of gloves, which are really optional.

He's got this.  Am I really even surprised?  Stature.  Strength.  It's been displayed since he walked at 9 months and told ME what a "good helper" I was at 24 months. He doesn't  meticulously tuck in his shirts and wear a belt, wristwatch, and knife anymore.  Those things are replaced by cell phone, iPad, and a bit more savvy regarding style.
I open my email.  There's one from him that contains his essay on Macbeth. He's heeded my corrections, integrated my suggestions for a stronger argument, rewritten, and delivered it to me, albeit electronically, before he leaves. 
Responsibility. Strength. Steadfastness.  
Why am I hard on him sometimes?  Why do I fear?
We celebrate him with the choice of a  special send-off dinner.  He chooses a home-cooked meal over a restaurant outing ~ beef tips and gravy over rice.  We add candles, sparkling juice, Toll House pie, a laying on of hands and a prayer.
From Colossians Kayla prays for "a knowledge of His will...spiritual wisdom and understanding."  Cooper follows, requesting "(the) bearing (of) fruit in every good work." My prayer is for protection, freedom from harm and danger  (motherly additions to Colossians), as well as the grace and strength to "walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects," in thought, speech, and behavior.  Robert asks that Kory be "strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience..."

...a power from Christ to choose CHRIST over anything else ~ including Kory's own life ~ if, by some chance, that is what the trip, the situation requires.

And I know it probably won't, but I startle at these words, and yet I'm glad they are spoken by a man who has chosen Christ in life, and would also choose Him in death.

Steadfastness. Service.
The alarm goes off at 3:45am.  I thought I would have to wake him.  Haven't I learned anything? I find him on the couch updating his Facebook status ~ showered, dressed, bags ready to go.  He's even leaving five days early, by his own arranging, (and definitely not mine, since 5 + 12 = 17 days. 17 days!) because he doesn't want to miss fellowship, doesn't want to forgo the teaching, or the encouragement he knows his heart will receive at a men's retreat back home in MA.

He'll be in the company of others with Stature, Strength, Steadfastness, and hearts to Serve.
We pull out of the garage at 4:11am ~ the three of us, and I know it doesn't take two to drive one to the airport, but I want to be a part of this milestone, want to be with him until the last possible moment, want to observe the strength, the stature, want to be a part of this sending off for service ~ even at 4am.
He knows the drill, and it's not his first solo flight.  Touch the screen, weigh the bag (48lbs ~ whew!), show the passport, receive the boarding passes, and head for the security check.  On the way, we pull aside to pray again, but I can hardly focus, because he's really leaving now...
 and he's achieved it himself...
and who am I now?
And who is he?  Who will he be?  What will this journey transform in him?
I keep receiving sweet text messages.  "How are you today? Are you doing okay?  I'm praying for you and for Kory."

How am I?  Not anxious, really.  Not fearful, except for slight twinges.  Mostly excited for his opportunity ~ serving in central Asia at age 16.  And even confident because of the gifts of grace I see in him...

Seeking to Serve

Thanks be to the "Father who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light."

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"And His mother treasured all these things in her heart." Luke 2:52
Love from K&J