Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Party, Party Weekend = Flan, Fine Art, and Fish Tacos

What is NOT unusual is that I celebrated my birthday in Texas.  I've done that every year since we moved to Massachusetts, except for one.  The one I didn't celebrate here in the Great State was my 30th, and that was because it took place right after Y2K.  We had booked our tickets for later that year, since we weren't sure if we'd be able to travel ~ or drink fresh water, or have electricity, or phone service.  

What IS unusual is that, since my birthday (and Elvis's, of course) took place on a Sunday (and a very busy Sunday at that), Robert made sure that we celebrated almost all weekend starting with a wonderful meal on Friday night that was planned and prepared by the kids.  (and I'm talking Friday the 6th ~ I'm behind with my blogging!) We had grilled chicken (marinade made a day ahead by Kory), red potatoes (Cooper and Dad), and salad (by Kayla).  There was even champagne and special gluten free bread sticks!  But the most amazing part of it all was the birthday dessert that Cooper made for me ~ Mexican flan!  It is one of my all time favorite desserts, and he truly sacrificed to do a GREAT job ~ has the burn blisters from the caramel sauce to prove it!
 Saturday the 7th, we visited a museum on the campus of the University of Texas.  It's located right next to the dorm in which Robert lived his freshman year there.  We love being on the campus of our alma mater and revisiting all of the memories we made individually and together there.  The museum was beautiful, too.  Loved the painting of Eliezer and finding Rebekah at the well, and there was another interesting one of David holding up the giant head of Goliath after he'd been killed. Kayla sketched her way through each new room, and even the boys "appreciated" the art for Mom's special day.  (It probably helped that they knew they would be walking up the hill to the Frank Erwin Center in a few short hours to watch UT play OSU in basketball!)
             Sunday the 8th  was spent at Manchaca Baptist church where Robert preached in the morning service, and then we took turns giving reports on our ministries in the evening service.  We love visiting our old church ~ the one where Robert served his first 4 years in ministry.  We were married and had Kory during those years, and so many of those who loved and supported us way back then are still there ~ very special. There was Mexican food for lunch and a visit to my dad's house in between.  Dear friends Jack and Kelly (a.k.a. Miss Riggs) came up for the evening service, and then treated us all to dinner at Jason's Deli = gluten free bread and menu!  We got to see photos of Jack's beautiful hand crafted kayak on its maiden voyage and hear about Kelly's birthday gift ~ a Porsche Boxster!  That's right, she likes to cruise 410 and take it to Blossom Athletic Center for her early morning lap swims. Just kidding ~ Jack doesn't let it out of the garage much, I don't think! (And anyone who really knows her will know who the "gift" was really for ~ although she does think they're very "cute"  which is the comment that got her the gift in the first place!) Can't wait to take a spin!    ☺                                                                
 And the fun continued with a trip to San Antonio on Monday to meet up with Robert's family for MORE Mexican food.  (I had to declare a Mexican food fast after this meal ~ for a few days anyway.)  The cousins all sat at one end of the table and there was no lull in the laughter and lively conversation. My fish tacos were absolutely amazing ~ best I've had so far, I think! I received handmade birthday cards on the backs of kids' menus, and was even treated to a bowl of ice cream delivered by waiters singing "Feliz Cumpleanos."

Flan, Fine Art, Fish Tacos, and FAMILY (both biological and spiritual) ~ WHAT could be a better birthday combination than THAT???


Gluten Free & Loving It said...

Happy Belated Birthday Melanie! Sounds like it was great.

Anonymous said...

We're were so glad to see you and all the Krums on your B-day! We love you, K&J