Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Homeschool Mom's Fantasy?


Now, don't get me wrong.  A big part of the choice to homeschool was so that our kids would be HOME, and with Robert and me a majority of the time.  Ironically, though, I consider this to be the most difficult part of homeschooling ~ that everyone is ALWAYS at home, and consequently, I am never ALONE.  I don't think I even knew how much I valued silence and and being by myself until I found fairly early in our homeschooling years that my ears were ringing at dinnertime each evening after a full day of teaching and mothering.  They actually ached and seemed to be craving silence themselves!

Oh, I have had some time alone over the years, mostly because I have a husband who prioritizes and enables it, but this week he's gone all out for me to have a sabbatical in the midst of sabbatical ~ 48 hours of silence in my own (well, temporarily) home, and then 72 more hours with just him.  He promised not to talk when he returns.  

Just kidding.

After Classical Conversations today, (Monday) Robert met us and took the kids to San Antonio for a birthday dinner for cousin Anna who is turning 14.  Then they headed to Hondo, TX to stay with Robert's parents.  (He'll come back mid-week, but the kids will stay with Grammie and Paw-Paw)

Meanwhile, I came home to a very QUIET house and discovered verses about REST placed in strategic places.
 This is what he chose to do with his day in a quiet house. Have I mentioned that I am very blessed (and spoiled) by him?

So, for the next several days I will not be doing any of this:
 But I will be doing a lot of this:
The fantasy is being realized ~ sooooooo ready to bask in it....

...but will probably be more than ready for some kid and family noise and togetherness come Sunday.  The best of both worlds are a gift to me this week!

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