Thursday, January 12, 2012

Does Anyone Remember Punky?

Punky Brewster?  The cute and spunky little orphan from the 80's sitcom?  Well, sometimes I look at my daughter and think I'm currently living with my own little Spunky Punky!
Do you see the resemblance?  And I think they even have a shared love for colorful socks and Converse sneakers.  Kayla now owns three pair of very bright colored sneakers and countless crazy socks that she usually wears mismatched ~ more color that way.  And did you know that you can even BUY them that way?  Yes, we now own a package of 12 socks which are all a different pattern, and whose package states how many possible combinations there are within.  I could never do that.  I must be symmetrical at all times, but I'm so happy my girl is able to pull it off!
We visited a new art museum on the campus of my alma mater, and Kayla was quick to take the offered sketch kit for our tour.  She loves drawing, and produces WAY more pieces of art than our refrigerator or magnets can sustain.  We have no magnets at our sabbatical "home" here in Texas, so the artwork is piling up in various locations around the house ~ including my purse!

Sweet little thing.  It dawned on her only after she had sketched Saint Agatha, just exactly what that "bread" on the platter was.  We had to do a close reading of the semi-cryptic description of the painting to discover that St. Agatha was a Christian martyr and that this painting depicted only one of the tortures she endured.  (And now I can only imagine who will land on this blog post that mentions both Punky Brewster AND St. Agatha, and I would be willing to bet they've never been mentioned in the same posting before now.)

Even two different colored ponytail holders!  (Again, such a thing would never even dawn on me.)  Bright.  Colorful.  Joyful.  Spunky. Persistent.  Creative.  Thoughtful.  That's my girl, and I'm so thankful she's mine!


CTHarp said...

Melanie, what a sweet post about your adorable daughter. Yes, I do remember Punky Brewster, and I DO see the resemblance!

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. I recently found out that I have a gluten allergy and my life has changed dramatically since cutting gluten and most refined sugar out of my diet. This is my fourth year to homeschool, so your blog is a double blessing to me!

Thank you for using your gifts to glorify God and encourage others. I'm heading for the kitchen now to roast some chickpeas (recipe found on your blog)!

~Courtney Harp (OSU alumni, friend of Neena Coloney and Christy Wendel)

Jenn said...

Such a sweet girl!!

Love this post on her!

Melanie said...

Thanks, Jenn! Love all your sweet girl posts, too!

Hi Courtney! Thanks so much for saying hi! Sorry to hear about your gluten allergy, but glad you have probably discovered the answer to some health issues. How many children do you have? I will see Karla D. for breakfast on Saturday, and then the Wendels and possibly the Coloneys on Sat. afternoon! Always such a fun reunion!

Love hearing from you!

Courtney H. said...


I have two kids, Hayden (8) and Gunnar (4). Have a wonderful time with Karla and visiting Stillwater friends; we are blessed to know such great people!