Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Counting One Thousand Gifts ~ January

"The counting of all blessings is ultimately summed up in One.
All gratitude is ultimately gratitude for Christ, all remembering a remembering of Him.  For in Him all things were created, are sustained, have their being.  Thus, Christ is all there is to give thanks for; Christ is all there is to remember.  To know how we can count on God, we count graces, but ultimately there is really only One.
And the radical wonder of it stuns me happy, hushes me still: it's all Christ.  Every moment, every event, every happening."
~ Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

I already mentioned receiving this book in the mail from the Lord, via His daughter, Michelle.  And I also mentioned that I knew it was to confirm the Spirit's previous revelation to me that gratitude is the key to joy ~ to knowing Christ truly, which is joy complete.

Hoping to know and worship Him in more joy and intimacy this year by participating in the challenge to record at least 1000 gifts, graces, remembrances, over the course of a year.

Here's January:

1. black-eyed-peas
2. laughter with the Graf family
3. a real two hour nap
4. a run, then a walk in sunshine
5. a deep cleaned sabbatical house
6. Taco Cabana ~ breakfast tacos on corn tortillas
7. homeschool basketball league for Cooper
8. sunshine and 65 degrees ~ a Texas winter
9. the community and nostalgia of small town Texas sports
10. a birthday dinner planned and prepared  by my kids
11. flan ~ the scrumptious Mexican custard
12. browsing a new art museum
13. We Bought a Zoo with Kayla
14. self-serve frozen yogurt with countless toppings
15. 20 years and counting of faithful church family @ Manchaca BC
16. the homeschool community of Classical Conversations
17. catching up on 3 years of life with Tamyra
18. wind chimes and lunch on the porch
19. Cooper's invitation to pray through a dream
20. sisters who serve and love my kids and me
21. a gathering in Tulsa with encouragement and inspiration abounding
22. the heartfelt and individual tears of Todd and Deborah
23. a cup of blonde roast on a rainy day
24. a joyful, jumping girl in her new gymnastics class
25. airport trips and visitors from "home"
26. antique shops & coffee shops with Karla
27.  tender tilapia on the grill
28. Scripture loving sisters in Christ
29. a healthy, generous, loving grandmother
30. "Here Comes the Bride" memories over lunch
31. Starbucks dates with the Lord
32. watching the Today Show in bed ~ till 9am
33. stars and conversation on an evening stroll with Robert
34. a daddy's delight in his daughter ~ and Olive Garden & Frozen yogurt
35. Holy Spirit groanings, intercessions for my kids on a solo run
36. finding dear old friends in the next booth over
37. Biblical Womanhood with Cindy Hawks in the flesh, not via CD (or cassette!!)
38. sharp cheddar dipped in blackberry jam
39. Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz
40. Friday Night Lights finale ~ and a sorta happy ending
41. Hannah's song of praise
42. plans being thwarted because of a better blessing in store
43. Spirit-led surprise packages in my mailbox (a bracelet & gift card for healthiness)
44. repeated reunions with old friends
45. gluten free cupcakes with LOTS of icing at The Bee's Knees
46. Gristmill salsa and warm chips
47. white lights on trees and sips of wine around the fire with family
48. always finding "good" in "giving attention to the Word"
49. sunlight streaming through windows on cleaning day
50. opportunities for healthy independence for Kory
51. his Kindle, my softcover ~ reading Sacred Marriage together
52. new iced coffee "toddy" ~ brewed 24 hours
53. country music's entertaining, raw, and real life lyrics
54. secrets brought to the light, freedom and intimacy restored
55. a Sabbath of silence

Want to join?  I'll need a total of 93 for January to really participate ~ didn't realize that Ann has made daily, monthly prompts ~ for three gifts a day.  Click over to Ann's blog and take a peek at February's challenge. (You'll have to scroll down to the bottom.  The February challenge and the calendar in my photo above is also available there as a free download.)


Rachel said...

Whoa~ I've seriously missed a thousand posts! Great recipes and great inspiration! Thanks so much for posting!!! :)

Jenny Helm said...

love this! What a blessing to by hyper-aware of such things!