Friday, December 30, 2011

Gluten Free Friday ~ White Bean & Pesto Dip with "Pitas"

I miss pita bread.  Right about the time the four of us were being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I had been buying pita bread for sandwiches and snacks for my crew.  And what a perfect accompaniment for my beloved hummus! Nowadays, if I order the hummus plate at a restaurant it requires a substitution of tortilla chips, which is fine, but recently I "made"  my own "pitas" out of  gluten free brown rice wraps or "tortillas."  They turned out fine; even better once I discovered that the wraps should be cut into triangles FIRST and then baked.  The first round I tried it, I just stuck the whole wrap on a rack in the oven and then tried to cut it into triangles once it was crispy.  Needless to say, they just broke into pieces, and did not resemble triangle pita bread at all!

The dip is just a version of hummus I wanted to try.  This recipe uses white beans and pesto, and is really delicious.  I used a basil-arugula pesto that I had made a frozen this summer from our farm share.  Ready made jarred pesto will work just as well.

White Bean & Pesto Dip

2 small cans of white beans, partly drained ~ I used cannelini (save the liquid)
1/2 cup pesto
2 tsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp tahini (this can be omitted, but I think it smoothes the taste a bit)
salt and pepper to taste

Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend thoroughly.  Add liquid from the beans if the dip needs to be thinned.  Serve with raw veggies, GF crackers, or homemade "pitas."

Easy Gluten Free Pita Bread

1 package of GF brown rice wraps
olive oil or cook spray, optional

Cut brown rice wraps into 8 triangles or however many you'd like depending on the size you want.  Brush with a very thin layer of olive oil or spray with cook spray if you like.  (Neither of these options are necessary.  I don't use any oil at all, but just bake them "dry.")  Bake at 375° for about 10 minutes until slightly brown and crispy.  Serve with your favorite dip!

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Anonymous said...

Delicious! I made it for Bible Study tonight. Yum! Love you, K&J