Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Can Blame Your October Snowstorm & Power Outages on Kayla!

 Look at that smile.  She has been the happiest girl in the world, because her current two biggest desires and prayer requests came true all in one weekend:

1. That we would get a lot of snow before we leave for our sabbatical in Texas. ("I love snow, Mom.  I don't want to be in a place where's there's no snow in winter!!!")

2.  That our whole family would all watch a movie together in front of the fire, and then all sleep together in the living room. (Mom never wants to do the sleeping-together-in-the-living-room-thing.  She likes her bed too much.)
Kayla had some special friends over for Saturday afternoon and evening!

 Well, on Saturday, October 29 it started raining, and eventually snowing BIG, HUGE FLAKES.  And it did not stop until the next morning.  And did I mention that it was October?

Robert was out of town (his flight home from a funeral in Texas was canceled), so the kids and I made some preparations in case of a power outage, which we kept being warned of via news shows, automated calls from our town manager, and flashing signs on the major highways.  Kory split some wood for kindling, we brought in a stack of logs to keep by the fireplace, rounded up all of our candles, matches, and flashlights, and then hunkered down while watching Elf.  Even though it was October, it certainly felt like Christmas with the winter wonderland being created outside our window!
That small tree had already snapped and fallen down over our backyard swing.
After the movie was over, the power finally went out.  We lit candles, stoked the fire, and gathered bedding so that we could all sleep in front of the fireplace that night, as it was expected to get to as low as 22 degrees.  There was over 6 inches of snow on the ground at this point ~ in OCTOBER.
After our beds were made the kids (well, two of them) asked for story time, so I read a little of Where the Red Fern Grows, which is Cooper's novel for school this week, and a little of a Max Lucado storybook.  It was after midnight when we stopped reading and tried to sleep.  Kory is certain he did not sleep at all, but was tending the fire all night. I, on the other hand, am sure I witnessed some heavy breathing on his part,as I got up to put logs on the fire several times throughout the night!
This is what our street looked like the next morning after about a foot of snow had fallen.  Can you see all of those power lines sagging under the weight of the snow that lines them as well as the branches that hang on them?  Well, today is Thursday and there are still power lines and branches and entire trees down everywhere!
The town declared a state of emergency.  The public schools have been closed all week.  Radio stations are broadcasting which gas stations are open, and the Red Cross and National Guard have been called in.  It still looks like a war zone almost one week later.  We were fortunate to receive power back about 24 hours after it went out, but we also live on the main highway through town, and I think the streetlamps, stoplights, and businesses were a priority.
The kids have enjoyed the new scenery and adventures that were created in our backyard because of the storm.  A large tree in our yard that was literally uprooted has now become a fun bridge and fort for airsoft gun battles. Unfortunately, it has also been impetus for manly adventures with knives, and Kory landed in the emergency room yesterday after he lacerated a tendon while whittling a fallen branch.  He's doing all right today, but will have to have a minor surgery to repair the tendon on Friday. Sigh.  Yesterday contained FAR more drama than I was prepared for, to say the least!
The morning after we lost power and were roasting bagels  and muffins in the fireplace for breakfast, Kayla said joyfully, "God answered my prayer!  I prayed that we would get a lot of snow before we left for Texas, and that our whole family could sleep together in the living room ~ and we did!"  (Well, Robert was missing, but she was still satisfied.)

So, there you have it.  It's all Kayla's fault, and she's loved every minute of it.  The prayers of a righteous 11 year old availeth MUCH!
It WAS October, remember?


Anonymous said...

I love it, Kayla! So glad the desire of your heart was answered! Will you bring some of that snow with you to Texas? Love, K&J

Anonymous said...

I wish I could :)