Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fussing Over Fish and Fuzzy Beans

Dinnertime kitchen conversation tonight with Kayla ~ the eve of Mommy leaving for Oklahoma for a few days...

Kayla:  What are you making making for dinner, Mom?

Me: Fish!  Aren't you excited!?!

Kayla:  (groan) Why can't we have the chili?

Me:  The chili is for tomorrow night while I'm gone to Oklahoma.  I also made pizza crusts for you guys for Friday's movie night.

Kayla:  I wish we could have the chili tonight.

Me:  Nope.  It's your favorite tonight ~ fish!  (sarcasm)  The chili is for Thursday and the pizza is for Friday.

Kayla: Ooooooookkkaaaaaaaaaayyyy. (more groans)

Me:  That's right.  We're having the yucky meal tonight with mom ~ fish, but at least it's not salmon.  It's cod.  And the fun meals with Dad when I'm gone. Oh, and for Saturday I got the ingredients for spaghetti ~ one of Dad's when-mom-is-away specialties!

Kayla:  Yeah, but Dad will probably still pick out a bad movie for movie night on Friday.

  (Last week's movie was The Mission, and he's also been known to bring home 
Joshua or Luther. In his defense, this happens mostly when the three young Krums can not agree on a movie ~ and even still they haven't yet learned to cooperate!)

Me: Well, at least you'll be eating pizza with your bad movie instead of fish!

Kayla:  Yeah, or kale or kombucha or those fuzzy beans....edam?  edamam?  edamame?

Me:  Exactly!

And this whole conversation reminded me of a video that we've watched multiple times, since a friend of mine posted it on Facebook.  We've laughed till we've cried each time, because it is eerily similar to some things that go on in our house.

This mom is singing the Carpenter's "On Top of the World"  WHILE making green smoothies, AND has kombucha fermenting in her pantry.  I've been searching for the hidden cameras in my kitchen, but to no avail.  All I have to say is that I'm  very comforted by the fact that there are other kindred kombucha spirits out there.  

At least once a day, someone in our house uses the sing-song phrase...
 "I made you guys a smoothie!"

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Anonymous said...

I can just hear Kayla now!:) And is that singing, too? We will eat at the Krumrey house anytime. Love, K&J