Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who's in the Director's Chair?

 "Director's Cut" was the theme of Crosswalk Youth Camp this year, and we were privileged to be a part of this awesome week for ~ I'm losing count ~ but possibly the 9th time.  Robert served as Camp Pastor, and preached six sermons on the Lordship of Christ ~ mostly from the book of Luke.
One night Kayla served as a live prop for a demonstration of baptism and its symbols ~ death, burial, and resurrection ~ and identification with Christ in these things.  The youth were encouraged to embrace the first Cross ~ the one of forgiveness and justification by faith, and then to take up the second Cross ~ the one that Jesus explains is necessary in following Him. The sermons were quite intense and unapologetic as far as the reality of what true discipleship requires.  I think Robert was a bit worried about this at one point, and even asked Allyson, the camp director, if this was indeed the direction in which she wanted the sermons to go.  She assured him it was, and confirmation came in the visible heart-response of the teenagers who attended.  So many of them received Christ for the first time or made decisions to let Christ truly be Lord in every area of their lives.
 The sermons were follow-ups and extensions of a Bible study curriculum that the youth completed throughout the week as well.  Cooper was happy that he landed in Josh A.'s  Bible study group this year ~ The Little Rascals.  Since the camp theme was Director's Cut, all of the Bible study groups were named after movies.
 If the sermons and teaching were intense, they were surpassed only by the intensity of fun and competition between the Bible study groups for recreation time and mega relays.
 Kory was in the Quest Bible study group this year, which is open, by application, to kids who will be juniors in high school.  He had to give up his usual "competitive sports" activity track in the afternoons to participate in this discipleship and ministry training program, but he got a lot out of it and hopes to be chosen to go on a mission trip this winter.  I'm so thankful that he has this opportunity!

 Each evening, all of the campers from grades six through twelve, gathered for a time of fellowship and worship.  Robert preached in each of the evening worship services after a time of musical praise and worship.
 The Fellowship Times were before the worship services and were sometimes silly and sometimes serious.  One night there was a focus on missions and praying for various parts of the world ~ both locally and globally.  The youth moved through the campus of Gordon College hearing information about as well as the needs of the places written in chalk on the sidewalks.
 And one night was dress-up-as-your-favorite-movie-character-night.  Here we have Rapunzel from Tangled, Russel from Up!, and Violet and Edna from The Incredibles.
 Cooper got away before we took this photo, but what other group costume could the Krum clan have donned but the Incredibles Family ~ complete with Edna, played by Mary ~ Kayla's great friend and our adopted daughter for the week!
 While the youth were in their Bible studies, Robert and I led Bible studies for the men and women who were chaperones for the week. (He had the men; I had the women.)  When  I wasn't doing that, I was hanging out with Kayla and her friend Mary, who aren't old enough to be campers yet.  One of our many outings was to Wingersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA with my friend Jess, whose husband is also on staff, and her kids.  My friend Kate (on the left), from our church, even drove out to visit us that day and sweetly helped the girls make sand tunnels and castles.  They even braved the very cold water!
These ladies from Worcester, MA are at camp every year and were in my chaperone's Bible study this year ~ the first time we've split the group into men and women.  They are always a camp highlight for me!  Aren't they beautiful?  Beautiful in appearance and each with a beautiful passion to know Christ and His Word ~ and to make Him known to the urban youth of their church and city, to those without Him in Asia, and to the ends of the earth. I love hanging out with this Piper-listening, Chandler-visiting, Spurgeon-reading, Gospel for Asia-serving group!

We've been home from camp for two weeks now, but I couldn't resist giving you the highlights of what has become a highlight of our family's New England summers.  Truly a blessing.

Stayed tuned for another post about camp in which one of our children has to call Gordon College Campus Police for a rescue of sorts...

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