Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phoenix So Far...

Cactus, high temps, beautiful Bermuda grass, The Hilton, (We're sharing the Hilton with the Roller Derby Championship Teams. Yes, the Roller Derby Ladies + the Southern Baptists = one big happy family!), more cactus, chapped lips, needing more product for my turned-to-straw-hair, swimming pool, glass elevators, light rail train to downtown, 14 Starbucks in a five mile radius, sports stadiums, dinner with a student (Hi Greg!) from Mercyhouse (and his dad!), missions luncheons, speakers (Piper, Giglio, Platt, Warren, Stetzer!), panel discussions, kids loading up on freebies in exhibit hall, 40% off ALL Lifeway products, perpetual VBS and Centrifuge (Wet 'n Wild trip today!) for the kids (they are not as excited about this as we are), wonderful worship, lots of friendly folks, waking up at 4a.m., running at 5a.m. (it's 8a.m. at home!), going to bed at 8p.m. (it's 11p.m. at home!), and thankful for this restorative respite in the middle of one crazy summer.

Looking forward to 108 degrees tomorrow and the Grand Canyon on Thursday!

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