Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Birthday Boy ~ 16 years!

 Wasn't I just turning 16?  Like last week?  Really, I can vividly remember turning 16 and my aunt taking me to the Department of Transportation to take my driver's test in San Antonio, TX.  I failed parallel parking, but passed overall ~ barely.  (I still have the test results!) Seems like I couldn't possibly be old enough to have birthed and raised my own 16-year old.  But alas, there is much evidence to prove that, indeed I am ~ like this handsome young man sitting at my dining room table!
Robert had the idea to get him an iPad for his birthday, so he rounded up support from the extended family and it became a group gift.  (Thank you, Grandad, Uncle Stu, Aunt Melissa, and Aunt Melinda!)  As you can see, he was pretty shocked and very excited.
 Aunt Melinda gets double thanks for sending along a new University of Texas t-shirt to go along with the iPad.  He was almost as excited about that and wore it all day long.
 Of course, he had LOTS of eager IT technicians at his side once they saw what was in the box.  There was thrill in the hearts of the younger siblings to be sure!
 Kory had to say goodbye to his special gift just minutes after receiving it so as not to be late to Driver's Ed!  Yes, he celebrated his 16th by spending from 9a.m. to 4p.m. sitting in a classroom listening to lectures and watching scary videos about driving.  We met him with a special Starbucks drink outside when he was finished!

I know I've posted these pics before, but today I just can't resist letting you see an earlier version of the now 16-year old....
 Red-headed, back pack on, and ready for the first day of pre-school!
And this one's from Oklahoma.  He was about 4 years old here and riding in the "car" of his friend Mackenzie.  Guess he was getting an early start on the whole driving thing there!

Kory is such a great young man, and I am proud to be his mom.  He is kind, responsible, and trustworthy.  He is self-motivated and mature.  I count on his strength and know-how on a daily basis. I haven't told him yet, but I spent some time praying for him yesterday and writing it all down...

"Thank you for Kory, Lord, and for the joy he has always been.  Thank you for his character and maturity.  Bless him today at driver's ed and surround him with fun and friends there.  Bless the time of celebrating with friends and family on Sunday. Most of all, Lord, I pray that Kory would know you daily and be humbled by your gift of salvation.  May his heart grow daily in gratitude for the cross and for your forgiveness.  Deepen his understanding of your Word and may he grow in his love for it and be transformed by it.  Please make clear his calling and begin to reveal what vocation he is to pursue. Place him in the college or university that you desire and reveal what major he is to choose.  Please provide a godly wife for Kory.  Protect him and give him godly wisdom and discernment in this area.  Steer him away from those who would hurt him or distract him from you.  May she be in love with you and have a love for your Word as well.  May she love Kory deeply and be a true encouragement to him.  May she have a passion and vision for family and motherhood.  
May Kory's heart be full of the joy that is in you all the days of his life. Amen."


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kory! I was just bragging about you yesterday to my grandson. You inspire us all. Love and blue skies from K&J

Jenn said...

I love the pics of him opening up his gift and catching how surprised he was!

Happy Birthday to Kory!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Kory! Those early pictures are how I remember him!! I just saw your grand canyon pictures as well! So amazing!