Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Spot of Tea...Times Two

 Well, two extra special spots of tea, because tea drinking is a very regular occurrence around here.  In fact, one of the things I hold dear and look forward to each morning is making a pot of Tazo Awake tea and sharing it with Robert as the day is getting started.  Recently, though, I've had the opportunity to share a cup of tea with two lovely ladies on a couple of different occasions.
 The first was on April 29th.  I set my alarm for 4a.m. to repeat an activity I had engaged in 20 years ago ~ watching a royal wedding!  The first time, I was 11 years old and staying in Port Aransas, TX at my grandparents' beach condominium.  This time it was in my bedroom in Amherst, MA with an almost 11 year old little girl.  I turned on the TV in our bedroom, which is a recent addition after we were given a bigger television for our living room, and tried to decide the exact moment to wake up my little sleeping beauty as she had requested.  I had prepared our tea tray the night before, even bringing our electric tea kettle into the bedroom, so that I wouldn't have to venture too far or exert too much effort that early in the morning!  Finally, I crept into her room and gently woke Kayla who climbed under the covers in our bed and began watching the guests arrive at Westminster Abbey.  As you can see, the sleeping Daddy to her right, had not decided to join us quite yet.
 Oh, but look at him now ~ wide awake and enjoying our little Royal Wedding party in bed! (Guess he didn't really have much other choice.) I'd say they're looking pretty good for that time of day!  We had lots of fun admiring the hats, and were especially astounded by the beautiful wedding sermon give by the Anglican Bishop of London!
 My second special spot of tea happened on Friday with my sweet friend, Karla.  She had come across a new tea room in a nearby town and was ready to try it out with a girlfriend.
 We had lunch first ~ soup for me, quiche for her, and then we shared a pot of "Buckingham Palace Garden Party" which was an Earl Grey with a hint of lavender and jasmine.  This tea, we were told, is "what the Queen drinks."  Well, what other choice did we have but to order that one? It was very delicious, of course.
Thanks, Karla!  Simply smashing!


Anonymous said...

We did the same...the alarm was set for 3:00 a.m. Mom, Jack, and I enjoyed the wedding together...and Mom is now wearing a replica sapphire ring. Mine has not arrived in the mail yet. Jack is a good chap to humor Queen Alice and Princess Kelly.

Cinnamon said...

How fun! I love the new tea room. Such a girlie & fun way to visit :-)

Is your dtr KKrums? I got a comment from her a while back and saved it as a reminder to ask you.

So fun visiting you and seeing what you're up to.