Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Marathon of Matrimony Begins

 Technically, if you count all of the weddings we have been invited to and for which Robert will be performing the ceremony, the total comes to ten.  Yes, ten weddings from May to August.  That is definitely a record, even for this pastor's family!
 One year Robert performed six weddings, but those were spread out over the entire twelve months, not packed into four months like these are.  And would you believe that more weddings are cropping up?  That's right.  There are proposals popping up all over the place, possibly taking us into the fall months.  So far, Robert will only be performing 5 of the upcoming ceremonies, but that is quite a task when you factor in four sessions of pre-marital counseling per couple, the rehearsals, sermon preparation and actual ceremony.  He actually missed a pre-marital counseling session this week ~ totally forgot and was away from his phone that was sounding off the reminder.

 And if you think he has a lot of work, well just consider the difficulty of my job in all of this.  I mean I have the responsibility of returning all of the response cards and indicating meal preferences ~ salmon or prime rib?  Then, I have to attend beautiful brunch bridal showers at lovely hotels and historic inns ~ fruit, omelets, tea ~ oh my!  Prior to this I must force myself to go into places like Pottery Barn and William Sonoma to purchase fresh and sparkly new housewares.  And then, if those things weren't strenuous enough, I simply must purchase each cute dress I come across at TJ Maxx or Target, because......well, isn't it obvious?  This job is not for the weak of heart, I tell you. One year Robert and I had to travel to Switzerland for a wedding. Crazy!  As you can see, this is a very demanding job, but as they say....someone's got to do it.
 We just returned from yet another grueling wedding weekend. (Actually, it really was a bit grueling, as we flew to Boston from a memorial service in Austin, Texas the night before and drove 3.5 hours arriving at our hotel at 4a.m. the day of the wedding!)  It was wedding #2 of the summer wedding marathon, and required us to spend two nights in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at the beautiful Mt. Washington Omni Resort Hotel.  We knew the couple, Kim and Stu, when they were students at the University of Massachusetts.  Kim attended our church, and we spent many wonderful moments together in small group Bible studies or over Starbucks coffee.  Even though she's been away near Boston for nearly 6 years, we still try and meet halfway for dinner or coffee occasionally.
 What do you think of my necklace, sis? ;-)

 It was a gorgeous ceremony with an amazing view of Mt. Washington as the backdrop.  Very windy, though, and Kim's veil kept whipping around ~ even getting in her face a couple of times.  Robert kept saying that it was so funny to see her veil flying around as she recited her very earnest and biblical vows.  A foreshadowing of things to come, he said ~ trying to stay true to your vows in the middle of gale-force winds and storms!

Just sent off two more response cards today.  I'm sure the bride and groom will be relieved to know that we are coming ~ especially when Robert is officiating!

On our Valentine's Day date a few months back, Robert and I were discussing our hopes, dreams, and expectations for the coming year.  Knowing what our spring and summer schedule looked like (i.e. absolutely NUTS!), I said, "My hope is simply to survive the rest of this year."  

"Then, next year," I went on, "it will be our 20th wedding anniversary, and my hope is to go on a Mediterranean Cruise!"

And since we're talking dreams and hope here....why not add a Pottery Barn and William Sonoma shopping spree while wearing really cute dresses when we return?

Let the marathon begin...


Cory Lane Anderson said...

Oh what a grueling schedule!;) Love that dress featured in this post!!! Is that a TJ Maxx or Target find?
Excited to see you at one of the many weddings on June 18th! Just took my bridesmaid dress to be altered today! The first lady wouldn't tackle anything with chiffon pleats and sent me to the Italian tailor down the road. I'm in 3 weddings this year so I can relate to your marathon, although mine is more like a half i suppose! Looking forward to seeing you and I hope you survive!:)

Melanie said...

Hi Cory ~ YOU have quite the wedding schedule, too ~ and many more responsibilities than me!

That dress is a TJ Maxx ~ $24.99!

See ya soon!

melissa said...

GREAT necklace sis! I'm a bit slow on the blog read---so many end-of-the-year things going on! It was SO great seeing you and Roberto! Can't wait for July!! Partay!

Melanie said...

Thank you, sis. We're counting the days till July 2!