Saturday, May 7, 2011

Congressman Kory

Actually, he ran for the Senate, but I can't resist alliteration.

He did not win a seat in the Senate, though, probably because he did not make cool campaign cards or purchase doughnuts for the voters.  I don't think he was very heartbroken over the loss, but he certainly looks stately ~ don't you think?

Kory spent the week in a wonderful (if you ask me and not him) program called TeenPact.  It is a government and citizenship program for teenagers held at each state's capitol building.  Participation over the course of three years awards the participants a high school credit for government.  Kory received a government credit last year for an intense course he took through Classical Conversations, but I thought this week long experience would only further his knowledge and understanding in a more hands-on way.

There was quite a bit of homework to complete before arrival:

+Read the book Real Citizenship by Tim Echols
+Write a bill for a mock legislation process
+Analyze a bill already passed or pending legislation in your state
+Complete a vocabulary list; compare and contrast terms such as "liberty" and "justice"
+Write a letter to a Senator from your state
+Write a letter to a Representative from your state
+Memorize I Timothy 2:1-3 & Romans 13:1-2
+Pray for your Representative and Senator daily and by name
+Watch and analyze your Governor's latest State of the State Address
+Read first 5 Articles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
+Choose 3 of the first 10 amendments and write a paragraph on each
+Complete a state political fact sheet (knowing your congressional district #, etc.)

Once at the capitol each morning, the teens took quizzes on the homework and other items learned throughout the day, approached and interviewed lobbyists, visited the House and Senate chambers as well as the State Supreme Court, listened to lectures on lawmaking, etc., participated in mock legislation deliberation, and even prayer walked throughout the State House and surrounding areas ~ asking for wisdom for Representatives and Senators, and for protection and strength for those in the military among other things.

And if this wasn't hand-on enough, Kory also commuted into Boston on his OWN each day. The rest of the family stayed in a hotel outside of Boston, and I drove Kory to the nearest commuter rail every morning at 7am.  He had to change trains once at North Station and then walk from the Park Street stop to the State House each day. In the required "capitol clothes" (coat and tie for boys) and a briefcase, he really looked the part of a Boston business man ~ and very handsome, I must say.  I think this may have been his favorite part of the entire week ~ dressing up and navigating his way into the big city alone.  I was really proud of him.

One reason that he was LESS than thrilled about participating in this program was that he was going to miss a week of this:

So, to alleviate some of the pain of this sacrifice, I managed to get some inexpensive tickets to this:

I just asked Kory what his final opinion of TeenPact was.

"Educational?" he offered.

"And what was your favorite part of TeenPact?" I asked.

"Lunch?  The last day?  OK.....if I had to choose a favorite part, I'd say it was learning about the Judicial Branch."

"And what about the Red Sox game?"  I inquired.

"Best day of my life." was his immediate reply.

I guess he means that THAT game was even better than the one he saw last year.

Oh well.  Maybe one day, when he's running for office, he will "rise up and bless" his mother for forcing him to go to TeenPact.
Or maybe he'll manage the Red Sox.  Either way, I'm certain that his experience will be beneficial.


Anonymous said...

Kory receives our vote! And you do too, Mel, for being such a wise mother! Blue skies and Happy Mother's Day with love from K&J

Jess said...

Just have to say, he is looking awfully grown up. How is that possible, when you do not age?! :o)