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Bagels, Buddy, and Me: A Story About Gluten Intolerance & Celiac Disease

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Bagels, Buddy, and Me is a story told by 8 year old Cooper about his journey to discovering that he has Celiac Disease and can not eat gluten.  Along the way, he discovers that other members of his family cannot eat gluten ~ even a very unexpected member!

What Other Readers Have Said...

It is the best children's book on Celiac I have read. I believe adults will benefit from it also, as many of them just don't understand the technical terms of Celiac. Thank you for putting so much time into this book for the Celiac community.

~Theresa B., GIG Chairperson, Iowa

Our family loved the story of Cooper's Celiac diagnosis, and the change in his whole family's diet in Melanie Krumrey's book Bagels, Buddy, and Me. It was wonderful for all of us to find a family like ours in a book! Finding a book that talks about Celiac, kids, and the yummy treats you can have even if you are gluten-free was wonderful for us. If your family is dealing with Celiac Disease or if you know people who are dealing with Celiac, I highly recommend picking up a copy!

~ Rachel, mom to 3 daughters with Celiac Disease
in Massachusetts

Our Celiac Story

  In 2003, our son Cooper's health began to concern us.  He struggled with headaches, stomach aches, tics, and an overall sick feeling.  After a year of symptoms that seemed to worsen by the week, we were told about Celiac Disease.  Cooper's blood tests were inconclusive because of an IgA deficiency, but some antibody levels were elevated.  His endoscopy was normal, which was also confusing. Others we met and read about had normal endoscopy results, but positive blood work and family histories.  So, we decided to try the diet.  After only two weeks, Cooper showed a marked improvement.  His revitalized health was enough to convince us that a gluten intolerance was causing his declining health. He has been gluten free ever since. (And mostly headache, stomachache, and tic free too!)
In doing research on behalf of Cooper, I (Melanie) realized that I had been experiencing most of  the symptoms I was reading about for years, but had always thought these things were "normal for me."  I was tested through Dr. Kenneth Fine's lab in Dallas,TX,  Enterolab.  I was referred to him by the daughter of a friend in Texas who had heard him speak at a local support group.  The results were positive.  Later, my other son and daughter were also tested through Enterolab.  They were positive as well.  Most recently, my sister used Dr. Fine's lab to test for a gluten intolerance as well as for genetic indicators.  She was positive for all.  We are very thankful for better health, and give God thanks for leading us to answers.
While in the process of diagnosis, and learning to eat differently, I wished out loud that there was a children's book on the subject.  Someone suggested that I write one, and I laughed at the thought.  Months later, a story came to mind after we learned of Buddy's (our Golden Retriever whom we lost last year) inability to eat wheat as well.  I wrote it, and put it down, thinking it too impossible.  The Lord seemed to be nudging me though, so I picked it up again, and entered the world of publishing -another journey in itself!

Specifics about the Book

Bagels, Buddy, and Me
is the story of Cooper, a young boy with Celiac Disease. He begins his story by telling about a time when he had to stop eating one of his favorite foods - bagels!  He tells of his doctor visits, various medical tests, procedures, and finally the discovery that he cannot eat gluten.  Along the way, he finds that he is not alone in having to make changes to his diet, and that there are actually gluten free varieties of his favorite foods.

The book is perfect bound, softcover, and is 32 pages long with 15 color illustrations that help tell the story of Cooper's journey to healing.

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Cinnamon said...

What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it here with everyone. I have tested negative for many things which I'm pretty sure bother me. I am amazed at how many people think the way they feel is "normal" then they look back and see how awful they really did feel. That was me!

I will have to check out the lab you mentioned~